American Beauty and Kittery Salt

My antique and vintage collectibles, furniture, militaria (civil war to world war two ), historical paper and documents, vintage and antique periodicals, maps, art, firefighter and police antiques, and more started this year as I began selling my grandfather’s seventy years of “picking” throughout New England at Arundel flea market and recently on Craigslist. I ran my tables like a shop and have a data base of customers who regularly meet me when I find items for them, I also frequent at least eight auctions a month to fulfill my clients needs. I work with paper and military experts and sell their items for them with my own items as well. I am very well-respected at Arundel for my knowledge and honesty and have been looking for different venues to continue to sell my inheritance and to sell the items I buy for resale. I eventually plan to sell my own artwork in addition to the inherited pieces I own. I am excited to show my items in Portland as I think it is a perfect venue for my antiques and great vintage women’s and men’s clothing.  My grandmother was a clothes buyer in the 1940s and I also inherited a lot of brand new vintage samples and beautiful pieces from her own collection. My grandfather had a vast vintage hunting, riding and fishing collection of clothes and collectibles as well.  My items are special, usually rare as my grandfather collected for most of his life.