In the moment that something is created nothing else exists and nothing else is important.  It’s in that simple moment of combining unconscious and conscious thought that an artist can produce ART. It’s the most fascinating process of creating.

My world was rules by grids for many years, due to the fact that most of the work I did was Graphic Design. The geometric pattern and order of images, text and graphics always ruled the final outcome. As a result the art work I created was very much ruled by those principles. So what changed?!

In the natural progression of things a new phase began in my life that changed my professional environment to the one of a single creating artist. The seeds were planted somewhere in the last phase and slowly “sprouted” into a much more organic forms. Nature has an amazing mechanism forcing us to change and as we go through that process to examine it again and again. You can say the path of my new work is that examination of life and nature.

Each design starts as a drawing or a series of drawings that later make their way to my computer and are transformed into abstract images. Each design is a play of texture, cropping and color in order to weave the natural elements into each other. Often times the design becomes a challenge on how much I can deconstruct, crop or simply layer images and lines to create a dynamic piece.

The stitching came as an experiment on tearing work apart and then putting it back together, not unlike a surgeon. That being an interesting idea, I wanted to see, how well colored paper can take on the sewing machine that had been collecting dust for a couple of years. The texture was baffling to the viewer, fascinating to the craft maker and truly inspiring to me to be able to push the 2D space in an another way.

The approach is probably the only thing that stays the same in the process. It’s almost a play of how can you see the same thing with a different pair of eyes or from different points in time and space. Can you reinvent the design to look new just but adding a new element. This process is constantly inspiring me.