Kathy McNally Griffin and Cindi Chapman met in Boston when they were two of the first buyers of condominium units in a funky old brownstone in the soon to be gentrified South End of Boston. Both single, in their 20s, and living across the hall from each other, the two became fast friends.  Kathy was (still is)a busy and talented artist creating watercolor house portraits (, Cindi worked in sales management for a major consumer products manufacturer. A few years went by, husbands and families ensued, and coincidentally, both Kathy and Cindi moved to Maine, living only a few miles apart.  As sometimes happens in life, the two lost touch with each other, as Kathy was busy raising her children and Cindi was busy working 60-80 hours a week for corporate America.

Fast forward to two years ago when they ran into each other in the grocery store and the friendship began anew.  Cindi had recently left her job and had way too much time on her hands, Kathy had been volunteering in a non profit donation-only thrift shop that benefitted a private school her kids attended. She asked Cindi to come to the shop one day to help stage and merchandise the store with her – and (she) Cindi never left!  They have a blast working the store together, finding treasures among the donations and displaying them with style. As they say “Its All in the Presentation!”  The store is currently earning in one week what it used to earn in a month!

They would help re-decorate each other’s homes, as they would the homes of their friends and family.  They would go antiquing and junk shopping together. Both had amassed a plethora of “stuff” over the years, and each of their basements were at capacity.  Their styles were different, yet totally complementary, and the idea of opening a shop together was born.

After a year long search, not satisfied with the dusty, musty atmosphere of the many group shops they explored yet realistically concerned about the expense and time commitment of opening their own shop, the dream seemed to be fading away.  That is until they walked into “Flea-for-All” and the bells and whistles went off! They knew this venue was perfect!

And so Kathy and Cindi humbly submit their application to be part of the success of “Flea-for-All” with their shop: “ECLECTIA”.  They are thrilled to offer pieces that have history, interest, texture and patina; uncommon and offbeat items that can add to an eclectic home’s decor: primitive camp benches, colorful oil paintings, milk glass collections and ceramic glove molds ~ a vintage Pepsi Cooler, an Asian Fish Basket and an upholstered foot stool with goat feet ~ Industrial and Coastal Chic items ~ Grain sacks, pottery and elegant sketches in gilded frames ~ mahogany furniture and distressed pine tables.  They can go on…but oops, this is already 497 words…

They can’t wait!