High Wire Handmade


Since the beginning of time I have been painting, cutting, glueing, singing, skipping, sewing, drawing and absorbing any creative technique I can get my hands on. High Wire Handmade allows me to focus my energy with purpose. I really enjoy being able to make things that people use and cherish. With my hand-painted jewelry, customers find little stories within the groups of birds and the colorful skies. They relate a trio of birds as siblings or children, and they see familiar skies in the ones I’ve painted. I feel a piece is successful when it strikes a chord of nostalgia or triggers a memory. My stitch markers allow me to play on the silly side of things, and I love how enthusiastic people are about their Doctor Whos, their Sugar Skulls, their Harry Potters, or what have you geekery. No matter what I’m making I am constantly exploring color and line and feeding my need to create.