Hippie Hamper

Hippie Hamper, created in 2003, is Melissa Bankhead, a seamstress in love with fabric.  Melissa learned how to use a needle and thread (then later a sewing machine) in 1988, by her mother, at the young age of 12.  In the beginning, she was merely sewing patches, hemming skirts or adjusting thrifted finds. This skill developed many years later as a need for baby clothes became a must and there was a desire to make her home a “home”.

The handmade work of Hippie Hamper includes quilts, aprons, hand embroidered tea towels, pin cushions and more.  Many of these creations are one of a kind.  Using new, up-cycled and/or vintage fabrics, Hippie Hamper is modest in design yet brave with color.

All handmade goods are sewn with love and are Melissa’s personal favorites, making it difficult to pry out of her hands. Luckily, she understands how special it would be for you to own a handmade gift of love.