may.tree.ark specializes in developing the modern fanny pack for a fabulous hands free adventure.  After creating The Hipshack belt bag in 2004, they continue to grow in popularity and best of all support a simple day with your modern marvels.  In addition to these pocket sized pouches may.tree.ark designs carryalls, zipper clutches, backpacks and tote bags.  There’s special attention to detail creating a professional manufactured finish.  But in fact each one is handmade individually by one woman, Catherine of Saco Maine. Each piece is different from the next appealing to all walks of life and fashion styles. With belt bags growing in trend you will find The Hipshack to be traditional, ergonomic and have utilitarian organized function as well as modestly priced. may.tree.ark and The Hipshack can be found online at and select weekends at the Flea for All.  may.tree.ark has been participating in fleas all over, Hillcrest in San Diego, Maine and SOWA in Boston.