Mermaid Meadow

“Mermaid Meadow” is the work of Bevin Strider Holmberg, a visual artist living in Falmouth, Maine.  Bevin moved to the Pine State in the Fall of 2010 to pursue a childhood dream of exploring the beautiful Northeast.  She works as a sign artist during the week and a bicyclist-explorer on days off.  Most of her artworks are painted illustrations that somehow relate to interesting animals, their personalities, or patterns found in nature.  She loves unusual creatures and once illustrated a different animal for each letter of the alphabet!  Most of her work is pencil (colored) and paint (watercolor, gouache and acrylic), but she has also worked in ceramics.  More recently, Bevin’s work has been related in some way to pattern, specifically Scandinavian textiles that she saw on a recent trip to Sweden.  She also enjoys inventing her own.

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