Peter S. Turner

20 years ago, my hands prompted me to start working with wood. I was living in Boston and investigated the North Bennet Street School. There it was suggested that I get some experience first before applying to the school. That’s exactly what I did and I never returned to apply. Back before litigation became so popular, every shop that I worked in allowed me access to the machinery, before and after work, for my own projects. I learned to build furniture from the people I worked with and through my own curiosity.

I’ve participated in 2 of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters’ auctions. I was on the faculty of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship for 10 years. I’ve written for Fine Woodworking for about the same length of time. A book that I’ve co-authored, Blanket Chests, has just been released. Through writing, teaching and making I continue to explore this craft that is at times consuming yet constantly rewarding.

Probably about a quarter of the CD’s in my shop are circa 1972, my last year of high school. Like my musical preferences, the forms and proportions that I favor often float in from my past. I work to commission, designing and building contemporary, hardwood furniture. Tradition enters through the forms, joinery and care that shape my process. I build pieces that I love with the aim that they in turn, find others who share this feeling.  My goal is that every piece precisely meets the needs and desires of each client in a form that uplifts.