Protsenka has been established very recently (in the winter of 2011). You can find my jewelry and other designs in Karma Fair Trade store on Brighton ave in Portland, ME. Or you may visit my website

My designs are unique and fun, I love to up-cycle various items, and I love to create new and interesting designs of knitted and crocheted jewelry and accessories, and not so long ago I introduced felt into my creations as well. I use vintage necklaces (and/or other pieces of jewelry) and fair-trade items as elements in my designs (such as beads), vintage silk scarf up-cycled with wool, etc. I use all natural materials, such as 100% cotton, wool, bamboo and silk fibers, and try to minimize the synthetic elements. Most of my necklaces and bracelets are fastened with a unique clasp that I designed, or I may use ribbons. The hardware for earrings is stainless steel or a hypoallergenic metal.

I hope you enjoy my designs and I hope they inspire some to create!

Anna Protsenko