Wallybeez Baby

Practically perfect clothing, accessories and wares for your unique baby. Carolyn Hawkes Riley and Sydney Barrett combine their eclectic styles, selective eye and knowledge of all things baby to produce a vibrant and practical assortment of high quality items. Wallybeez Baby combines like new clothing, vintage furniture, handmade wall hangings and nursery accessories to create a style that is as fun as your baby.

Carolyn lives in Portland with her husband and 14 month old, Eloise. She has been scouring local thrift shops and consignment stores to bring her customers the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Sydney lives in Cape Elizabeth with her husband and 3 month old, Walter. Her eye for merchandising and love for vintage furniture diversifies our offerings and helps to bring the Wallybeez Baby collection to life.

As moms, Carolyn and Sydney are excited to share their knowledge, experience, and passion with other parents in their community through a bubbly and unique collection.